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Who Needs An Engineer

There are a number of reasons to utilize the services of an engineer.

1.    Vacant Land for Development: The purchaser of a piece of property that is vacant should utilize the services of an engineer to determine the viability of development on the property. The engineer can determine if there are environmental issues to be addressed, water and sewer availability, growth management issues, zoning issues, drainage issues, and the maximum usage of the property. This will let the purchaser have all the available data to determine whether or not they should proceed with the purchase of the property. Under normal circumstances, an option is placed on the property with a 6-9 month period for obtaining permits and reviewing the issues pertaining to the land.

2.    Structural Engineering: Builders and developers hire a structural engineer to design their buildings and/or homes to meet Section 1606 of the building code which addresses hurricane wind forces. The reason for hiring a qualified structural engineer is that an economical design can be done that will meet the required codes. By hiring an experienced structural engineer in this field, the developers can save enough money on a residence and/or building to pay for the engineering feel involved. In some instance, buildings are over-designed in areas where it is not necessary. This cost the builder, contractor, or homeowner money.

3.    Site Design: An engineer is hired to do a site design for subdivisions or commercial layouts to perform an economical design that meets all of the pertinent permitting conditions on the property. Again, in this instance, an experienced engineer can save literally thousands of dollars in the construction cost by the way the site is designed. In more than one case, Nicholson Engineering Assoc., Inc. has saved their client over $30,000 on a project that we redesigned. This is a major reason why first time clients should not be shopping engineering prices, but rather should hire the engineer that can save enough money on the construction costs that it will pay for their fee.

4.      Construction Supervision: In many instances, our clients feel comfortable with the contractors that they have personally hired and therefore, do not see a real benefit to having engineering inspections during construction. However, it is always prudent to have periodic inspections so that communications exists between the client, engineer, and contractor on a continual basis. This assists in smooth construction and helps eliminate delays in questions that arise. In some instances, inspection is necessary during concrete pours, reinforcing steel inspection, subgrade inspection, and drainage inspection. At the end of construction, a record drawing is required by the permitting agencies. At this point in time, it is necessary for the client or contractor to hire a surveyor to do an �As Built� survey of all the belowground utilities and site work. Such things as the size of the retention area, depth of swales, parking lot elevations, and invert elevations are required to insure that the project will function as designed.

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